Current Lead times

as of January 3, 2002

We ask for your patience with all orders.  

The pandemic and a shortage of workers in the glass industry has slowed production from our suppliers on many products and services we offer.   Additionally, backorders and supply shortages will affect wait times for installation.  Please understand that we have NO CONTROL over lead times.


SHOWER ENCLOSURE MEASURES   We are booked through the third week in January on measures.     CLICK HERE  to call or send us a message to be put on our schedule.

SHOWER ENCLOSURE INSTALLATION current lead time for installation is 4-6 weeks from the order date depending on

INSULATED GLASS WINDOW MEASURES  We are currently 3-5 business days out on window measures.

WINDOW GLASS ORDERS Installation time is approximately 2 weeks from the order date.

CUSTOM SHOP WORK (for pick up)5-7 business days


All 1/8” GLASS & MIRROR (window panes, mirror, etc)

All 1/4" GLASS & MIRROR (desk tops, bathroom mirrors, etc)


CABINET GLASS INSTALLATION (doors brought to us)


3/16” GLASS takes 7-10 days depending on stock.

BEVELED GLASS takes 5-7 business days to come in from the supplier.

TEMPERED ORDERS take a minimum of 5-7 business days to come in from the supplier.


INSULATED GLASS UNITS take 10-15 business days to come in from the supplier.


PATTERN GLASS can take 7-14 days depending on stock and availability from the supplier.


Thank you for your business!